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Grow and Expand in a Bad Economy



Doing more with more can give you an edge in certain industries but doing more with less gives you an edge in all industries. We want to show you a few examples of how our clients have been able to do that. Executives are often at a crossroad where they need to prioritize cost-cutting or growth. SYSTRAN and XTM aim to provide an alternative where you can do both. When you strategically curate your toolbox, productivity can increase exponentially. What’s the best combination of tools for your business?


Topics covered:

  • The effects of the current economic and technological environment on business strategy
  • The cost of software integration vs the opportunity cost of not automating
  • Productivity enhancement on the rise
  • Customer service and entry into new markets
  • Human-enabled localization vs MT + expert in the loop
  • Practical examples of use cases



JP Barraza

JP Barraza is the CIO of SYSTRAN Group globally, CEO of SYSTRAN Americas, and leads the company’s global technical operations, including overseeing SYSTRAN technologies’ SaaS and Private Hosted offerings in addition to on-premises/private cloud implementations and integrations with tools, workflows, and business processes of global industry leaders.


Dave Ruane

Dave is a marketing, partnerships, technology and business professional in the localization sector with 27 years experience helping companies realize their go-global ambition. He has created an innovation platform for the localization industry and am a current member of the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) board of directors.


Monte Wilson

Monte has successfully completed builds, turnarounds and rebuilds of organizations multiple times in my career with smaller to mid-size companies like Documentum, Initiate and Sitecore to some of the biggest names in the industry like Oracle, Adobe and EMC.


Andrzej Zydroń

Andzrej is of the foremost experts on Localization and related Open Standards with over 30+ years experience in the field. Chief Technical architect of XTM Cloud, the multi-award winning multi-tenancy SaaS based Translation Management (TMS) and Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) system.

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