Secure, High-QualityA.I. Translation Solutions for Global Banking & Finance Companies.

A global leader SYSTRAN enables financial companies to be fully regulatory-compliant through customizable enterprise-level machine translation solutions that integrate into your global data-management workflows. SYSTRAN is theworld's most secure and accurate translation solution.

Enabling 100% Regulatory Compliance Monitoring Success, in Any Language.

Global regulation prosecution is at risk when your teams around the globe leverage “Shadow IT” and don’t have a secure method of translating financial information, documents or customer interactions seamlessly between languages. Whether ignorantly or maliciously, they find unapproved one-off solutions that breach protocol with every click and keystroke.

Keep private information away from the bad actors lurking inside and outside your firewalls. You own and control the information on your SYSTRAN servers—no outsiders are allowed in.


Secure Global Banking in Any Language with SYSTRAN

The risk of hefty fines lurks everywhere when your teams around the globe don’t have a secure method of translating financial information seamlessly between languages. Whether ignorantly or maliciously, they find unapproved one-off solutions that breach protocol with every click and keystroke.

When those teams have a reliable and robust translation solution at their fingertips, they use it. And when that same system is Fully secure and Managed by you onsite, dramatically reducing your risk of regulatory breaches.

We Deliver

Cost Efficiency

Manual translations are time and money inefficient. SYSTRAN’s machine translation is 10X less expensive and translates over a page per second, rather than word per word.

Cost Efficiency
Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

SYSTRAN offers a secure, no-internet, zero-cloud translation option for industries like finance where a single slip-up can be costly.


Even in complex and jargon-heavy financial documents, SYSTRAN’s translation solution retains the original document’s intention, style, and voice.

Complete Control

Complete Control

Build a custom and fully secure translation solution to match your specific needs. Control who has access to it and how expansive the translation service is throughout your entire organization. You own your data.


Plus, you can enable the most common Document Translations: PDF, Internal Reports, and Statements. Or one-click API Integrations: Microsoft 365 (Emails, Teams Chat, Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Chrome, Firefox, I.E, voice to text, and ZenDesk.



Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Our on-premise solution meets the standards of numerous industry regulations:

  • All FATF and IMF Anti-Money Laundering regulations
  • U.S. Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020.
  • All privacy laws, including the European GDPR laws
  • All privacy laws, including the European GDPR laws
  • The Unfair, Deceptive or Abusive Acts or Practices regulation
  • Regulation E from the Federal Reserve
  • Regulation Z from the Truth in Lending Act
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) Verificaiton Regulation

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SYSTRAN Case Study


Lombard Odier is a global leader in wealth and asset management with 26 offices around the world and 2,150 employees representing 80 nationalities.

“The major gain to date is to have secured the translation process globally and to have significantly reduced the risk of confidential data leaks.”


Lombard Odier

The Business Challenge

The communications department at Lombard Odier was looking for a professional translation tool in order to:

  • Improve communication in the different languages used throughout the company
  • Translate confidential content securely.

How SYSTRAN Solved

Systran offered a solution integrated with Lombard Odier’s day-to-day work tools via an intranet portal and an email server, offering the following benefits:

  • Translate documents and emails into foreign languages
  • Reduce the risk of losing confidential data
  • Reduce translation costs



Whether you’ve already been hit by fines and looking to stave off further regulatory problems or just struggling to keep up with the volume of text you need translated into multiple languages, SYSTRAN can be the solution. Learn more about our on-premise solution and how it can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.


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